What Questions Should You Ask at an Auto Body Repair Shop?

What Questions Should You Ask at an Auto Body Repair Shop?

After being involved in a car accident, one of the first things you’ll think about is getting your car repaired as quickly as possible. But taking your car to the first auto body shop you find would be a hasty decision. In order to find a reliable and reputable auto body shop, take time to do your research and ask questions so that you’ll receive high-quality auto body repair work for your vehicle.
Here are some questions and things to consider before allowing an auto body repair shop to repair your vehicle

1. Does the auto body repair shop have rental cars on their lot or do they provide loaner vehicles?
Being without a car is an inconvenience, so you’ll need to make sure that you have a rental, loaner or courtesy car while yours is in the shop. Some auto body repair shops have a car rental facility located in or near their shop. Other auto body repair shops may offer loaner or courtesy cars that can be used while they are repairing your car. If there is a pre-rental agreement, review it carefully – read the fine print. Take photos of the car before it leaves the shop & when you return it (honest shops will not object to this; it’s common practice in the age of Smartphones). Take note of the mileage as well.

2. How long will the auto body repair take?
This is the #1 question asked of all auto body shops. There is no hard and fast answer since each case is subjective. There are many factors related that can affect the length of repair time, including the extent of damage to your car, how busy the auto body repair shop is at that particular time, or even holidays during which the shop may be closed. 

3. Will the paint match the rest of my car?
In most cases, cars have a paint code on a plate located either in a door jamb, under the hood, or in the trunk. This paint code will give the exact color of the manufacturer’s paint. Make sure the auto body repair shop will be using the same exact color of paint and not a similar color.

4. How soon can you wash your car after an auto body repair?
An auto body repair shop usually returns your car back to you clean. They may have already washed it or waited for the paint to dry so that you can drive your car immediately after the repair. Still, it is important to know whether it is safe to take your car to a car wash that uses friction brushing or a touch-free car wash with acid presoaks and super concentrated car wash soap soon after a fresh paint job.

5. Does the auto body repair shop have any certifications?
Certifications, such as I-CAR and ASE, are a good sign of a reputable auto body repair shop. A certification usually means that the auto body repair shop has the skills and knowledge required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs.

What Are the Towing Company’s Responsibilities around a Vehicle Crash Site?

When there is a roadway incident, towing companies must be there no matter the type of the incident. There are many types of roadways incidents including vehicle collisions, breakdowns, crashes, and other types of incidents requiring professional help by towing and recovery experts.

We are a professional towing and recovery company. When we are requested, we take care of three main aspects as soon as we reach the location of the incident:
• Site Safety
• Recovering and Removing Vehicles from the Location of the Incident
• Providing the Best Safety for Vehicles and Properties

Let’s discuss in detail what exactly we do. You can know more about vehicle transport services and insurance here.

1. Site Safety:
When we reach the site of the incident, we take care of the next 4 points.

• Traffic:

The approaching vehicles must know that there is an incident on the road. We use lights, flares, cones, signs, and other things to warn the other drivers. This is essential for preventing more accidents.
This also includes recovering and removing the vehicles from the road as fast as possible.

• Safety of People:

Many people exist in the locations of accidents; drivers, neighbors, responders, and of course professionals. Everyone should be protected. All kinds of problems may exist such as explosions, failure of tools and equipment, or more accidents.

• High Visibility Clothing:
In some areas, we must wear high visibility clothing.

•Checking the Scene Well:
This includes the identification of everything at the location of the incident from fluid debris to personal items.

2. Recovering and Removing Vehicles from the Location of the Incident:
The vehicles involved in the incident must be recovered and positioned in order to be removed from the scene. We use a winch, chains, tow trucks, and other hardware. We determine what we are going to use according to the condition of your vehicle and its size and specifications.  We also follow the guidelines of towing according to the manufacturer guidelines. Each vehicle has some unique details that require experts to deal with.

3. Providing the Best Safety for Vehicles and Properties:
Well, we deal with damaged vehicles all the time. However, additional damages may happen according to the way the towing people manage your vehicle.
These are the most common damages that happen to vehicles after crashes.
• Damages to the wiring of the vehicles that may lead to a fire.
• Damages to the interior design of the vehicle such as the passenger or the cargo area.
When we reach the site of the incident, we apply a thin film wrap for additional protection. Since we are professionals enough, we try our best to avoid adding additional damages to the vehicle. Also, know more about how to choose the best 24 hours towing service here.

How to Choose the Best 24 Hours Towing Service

the best 24 hours towing service

One of the most important emergencies is 24 hours towing. Imagine if your car broke down or had a flat tire in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. You need the number of an emergency company that is ready to tow your vehicle.

Let’s find out how to choose the best towing emergency company. These tips are provided by our friends at Bozeman Towing Service, a tow truck company in Bozeman Montana.

1. Do a Good Research:

It is a big mistake to have the number of any company and say that problems do not happen that often. The towing company must have certain characteristics to be the best and provide 24 hours towing.
You need to make sure that the service will be delivered soon, that they are too rough with the vehicles, and that the prices are fair.
If you drive too much, consider having a contract with a towing company.

You will be able to determine the best companies within your area when you search well and now their insurance plans as well. Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations and search online for the best towing companies and read the previous reviews about them from their previous clients. 

2. Know Their Service Area:

Let’s say that your car became broken in a faraway place, it will be the best if this area is located within the 24 hours towing service area of your towing company.
Check the contract between you and your towing company well to make sure that your entire travelling road is covered.
If you are going to travel beyond the service area, make sure to have the number of a towing company that covers your road before traveling. Notice that the prices are doubles sometimes so make sure to choose the company that covers the widest service area for the fairest price.    

3. Make Sure That They Are The 24 Hours Towing Service:

Having a broken vehicle in the middle of nowhere is something thieves love too much. Make sure that the van sent to tow your vehicle is sent from your towing service; not some thieves who want to steal you and take your vehicle.

There are certain features to make sure that these people are sent from the towing company.
• They will have the company logo on their uniforms and on the van.
• The driver and the other workers will have work licenses and IDs from the company. Check them first.
• Make a phone call to the towing company to make sure that they have sent their workers and heavy towing if needed.   Be careful; you are in the middle of nowhere.

We know the previous points well and we know that delivering your car home makes it easier to repair it. We also know that no one likes to spend a night with a broken car in the middle of nowhere at an auto repair shop.
That is why we offer our clients the best towing services with the fairest prices.

Vehicle Transport Services and Insurance

Local vehicle transport services towing cars

Statics say that less than 5% of the vehicle transport services have problems during shipping but actually 5% is not a small percentage. Accidents happen out of nowhere so your vehicle might be one of the damages vehicles too. Taking your precautions is the best solution. Arranging insurance for your transported vehicle is the best solution even if the dangers are not so big.
This guide will tell you nearly everything you need to know about vehicle transport services and insurance.

1. Vehicle Transport Services Shipping Insurance Requirements:

Understanding auto shipping insurance requirements is the first step to be able to arrange your insurance well. In order to run an authorized vehicle transport services, you need to have a liability insurance policy. Your auto transporter must have cargo insurance policy too. When your transporter has these two insurance policies, it means that your vehicle is covered against damages as these policies will cover any kind of damages. Pay the insurance deductible and make sure to read all the terms of the contract that you will sign. Companies differ in their terms and amount of coverage so you really need to inspect the transporter’s coverage.

The vehicle transport service agent has to show you the insurance certificate. You will find a number; call the insurance company and make sure that the transporter has a legal insurance.

2. Is The Minimum Coverage Enough?

First of all, you need to be comfortable with the amount of coverage and the policies that your transporter has. You need to make sure of the minimum coverage that the transporter has to make sure that if something happened to your vehicle, you will have enough money to compensate the damage or the whole value of your vehicle in case it is stolen, towed, or gets a flat tire. Ask the right questions like the type of damages that is covered, what parts of the vehicle are covered, the amount of the deductible, the limits of the coverage, and the possibility to buy an additional coverage or not.

Arrange everything between your auto insurance company and your transporter. It is better to notify your auto insurance company that you will have your vehicle transported.  

3. What if you needed a claim?

When your vehicle arrives, inspect it well. This is your only chance to make sure that your vehicle is good and without any kind of damages. In most cases, you will not be present at delivery so you need to assign the mission of inspecting and assessing your vehicle to someone who is trusted.

If there is any kind of damages in your vehicle, make sure that your representative will have them pictured. Pictures are the best idea to document the damages. If your vehicle arrived at night, make sure to inspect it under strong and bright light or wait until the morning and inspect it; just don’t receive the vehicle before inspecting it well.
If there are any damages, contact both your vehicle insurance company and the transporter and resolve the problem. Of course you need to choose a reputable transport services from the beginning to make sure that they will solve any kind of problems.

6 Things That Dishonest Auto Repair Shops Won’t Tell You

Dishonest auto repair shop

Auto repair shops must be honest. There are high-profit services most vehicles don’t require during their lifetime. Here’s a look at some common ones.

1. Engine Flush:

• The sell: Engines develop sludge, and a flush removes that sludge.

• The fact: I’ve heard people in the auto-service industry call this a “profit centre,” an easy-to-sell but unnecessary procedure in auto repair shops. An engine flush can actually harm engine components.

2. Injector Cleaning:

• The sell: Fuel injectors become dirty and clogged and rob the engine of power and fuel economy, so there are auto repair shop services to solve the “problem,” from putting additives in the fuel tank to flushing the injector assembly.

• The fact: Most cars never have problems with fuel injectors. Besides, the only way injectors can be cleaned properly is by removal and disassembly, which is hardly ever done. Your engine’s computer will tell you if there’s a fuel-delivery problem; otherwise, you can leave things alone. If the computer does indicate a problem, have the fuel filter checked. Clogged fuel filters cause most problems.

3. Head-Gasket Replacement:

• The sell: Auto repair shops may say that an oil or coolant leakage from the top of the engine may indicate that the head gasket is failing, so an expensive replacement is needed.

• The fact: Head gaskets seldom fail; if they do, the engine will run poorly and blow smoke. All engine gaskets will begin to seep oil after a certain mileage and amount of time, so if the engine is running fine and you do not have to top off the oil frequently, there’s likely nothing to worry about.

4. Timing-Belt Replacement:

• The sell: Many shops suggest replacing a timing belt before it’s necessary. They may claim that the belt never lasts that long or that it has stretched and is altering the engine timing or that it’s about to fail and destroy your engine.

• The fact: Trust your owner’s manual on when the timing belt should be replaced; most manufacturers suggest it at intervals of 60,000 miles or more. There’s no way for a mechanic to see that a belt is failing without removing some components–it can run silently until it breaks. While it’s true that in older cars a broken timing belt can harm the valves, vehicles made in the past decade or so are designed not to experience engine damage if a timing belt breaks.

5. Emission-System Repairs:

• The sell: Your car failed emissions inspection; the shop suggests a system overhaul.

•The fact: The system may need repair, but many owners pay for oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and other emission-system components when they shouldn’t. Vehicles made since 1995 carry federally mandated warranties that cover those components for eight years or 80,000 miles. Reputable auto repair shops will tell you about this and refer you to a dealership if they can’t get the manufacturer to authorize repairs on-site.

6. Scheduled-Maintenance Add-Ons:

• The sell: You’ve brought or towed your car in for its scheduled maintenance–say, at 30,000 miles–and the shop recommends other services, claiming that the scheduled-maintenance checklist is only the minimum requirements.
• The fact: Those scheduled-maintenance intervals are written into the manual to address known component lifetime issues and to allow technicians to monitor other components that might exhibit premature wear. A lot of shops add unnecessary services to those listed in the scheduled maintenance. When taking your vehicle in, agree only to those items listed unless there’s an obvious problem, like the need to change a flat tire that randomly occurred.

Our Towing Guide: Changing a Flat Tire

changing a flat tire at work

Changing a flat tire is one of those life skills that everyone should know. It’s not difficult if you follow a few basic steps, have the right gear and know how to use it.
Flat tires often happen in inconvenient locations. Out on the road, you’ll need to find a safe spot to pull over to make the change. Or call a heavy towing service if you’re in a tractor trailer and see if they have the services you need. ‘Safe’ means well clear of traffic and preferably on a hard, level surface. If you find yourself stopped on soft ground and will be changing a flat tire, a piece of solid board is a handy item for sticking underneath the jack before you start lifting up the car.

First, you’ll need a few things when changing a flat tire:

First to changing a flat tire, you’ll need a spare, a wheel brace for loosening the lug nuts (or an appropriately sized socket with long handle) and a sturdy jack. It’s a good idea to carry a brick or chunk of wood as well. This can be wedged up against one of the wheels on the opposite side of the car for extra safety and stability.
This is especially important if the ground isn’t quite as level as you’d like. Again, f you find yourself stopped on soft ground there’s a few things you can do. A piece of solid board is a handy item for sticking underneath the jack before you start lifting up the car.

Lift up the vehicle:

Before you get started, activate your hazard lights, make sure the car is in Park and apply the handbrake. Look for the notches or grooves on the underside of the car – these are where the jack is safely placed. Once you’re happy with the stability of the vehicle and placement of the jack, start slowly turning the wheel brace until you’ve taken a bit of the weight off the flat tire. (Make sure there is still enough weight on the tire to allow you to loosen the wheel nuts without inadvertently spinning the wheel.

Loosen the wheel nuts and remove the flat tire:

Getting stubborn wheel nuts to loosen up is less about brute force and more about using proper technique.
Getting stubborn wheel nuts to loosen up is less about brute force and more about using proper technique. Once you’ve got the wheel brace onto one of the nuts, use a quick anti-clockwise ‘jolt’ to loosen it. Face the wheel and keep both your arm and your back straight. Don’t let the brace slip off the nut. Go around and loosen each nut in turn. The trick is to keep the wheel brace more or less horizontal to the ground and let your body weight do most of the work.

Once all the nuts have been loosened, use the jack to continue lifting the car. Get it high enough off the ground to allow for putting the new wheel on. If the flat is suspended an inch or two above the ground, this is usually sufficient. Don’t lift the car any more than you need to. To remove the old tire, take off all the wheel nuts and carefully lift the wheel from the vehicle.

Put on the new tire:

Grab your bright, shiny new wheel from its recess in the boot and position it up against the wheel assembly. Line up the wheel holes first so you can lift it straight onto the car in one go without twisting and fiddling. Once the wheel is up and in position, screw on all the lug nuts and hand-tighten. You don’t want to tighten them all the way at this stage. Wait for full tightening until the car is down off the jack and completely stable.
Lower the car and remove the jack.

Brought to you by Horse Towing Company

How to Deal with Heavy Towing

demonstrating heavy towing capabilities with towing a train car

Man’s inventiveness by no means comes to an end to flabbergast with the things we build and the heavy towing capabilities to help out. With regards to transportation, modern generation towing truck ideas are something unimaginable. Having said that, knowing how these tow experts move the modern world’s most massive structures can be even more wonderful! Braking, turning and even parking becomes more intricate with these bulky structures and towing them is even more complicated. In general, heavy towing itself is a difficult task. Do you know the heaviest tows that tow operators have to deal with? This piece of writing will help you come across the most voluminous and difficult tows that tow operators face.

Need for Heavy Towing

Bigger and bigger structures have already hit the road and it is no doubt that even larger structures are yet to be engineered. The fact is that, as engineers come up with such creations, they also discover clever and powerful vehicles that will help to tow them. Each of them poses their own challenges, involving monumental weight and proportions. Let us see the bulkiest structures that are difficult to tow.
• Concrete pumps.
• Mobile cranes.
• Mobile drill rigs.
• Refuse trucks.

Of all other voluminous structures, concrete pumps are one of the most difficult trailers to haul. Classified under the category of a multi-axle giant, these pumps are just about 35k lbs on the steer axle. This comes under the most difficult to haul truck.

Mobile cranes are yet another truck, seeing that there are different varieties in it. Based on the size of the crane and its capacity together with the dimension, they are towed having a gross weight well over 150,000lbs.

Oil and natural gas trucks are yet another automobile that acts as a great challenge for heavy towing. Weighing 100,000-lb range, rigs used in oil drilling and natural gas are a real heavy-duty challenge.

Front-loading packer trucks filled with wet garbage are also a tough challenge to tow. They have the reputation of being the most difficult since it has some external hydraulic pump components mounted on the front as well.


With so much of complications, it is always very important to select the right and professional towing company who will bring the best services and heavy towing capabilities to you at this toughest part of life. Towing rankings is a one-stop place where your towing needs are met. Helping you come across the most professional and dependable towing companies, you can also read towing reviews and rankings about them gathered from customers.

How Our Towing Services Work

towing services of horse towing company

Imagine having a broken vehicle in an isolated area with nobody to help you at the middle of the night; that is why towing services is important. Problems happen out of now here and things like a flat tire, broken engine or any other kind of problems actually happen without a notice.

That is why we offer our clients the best 24 hour towing services with the best prices.
Let’s find out how our business works to make sure that we are the best.

1. What Services DoWe Offer?

Each towing service covers a certain area. But our business does not only offer towing, we also offer fair prices and experience.
Experience is important here because each situation is unique. We know the best roads, the best ways to get your vehicle work again, and the best things to provide you with like blankets for your kids or things like that.

Our 24 hour towing service offers its clients the following list of services.
• Emergency towing, Flatbed towing and Motorcycle towing
• Tow by dolly
• Light, medium or heavy duty towing.
• Local and long distance towing.
• Flat tire change.
• Car lockout solutions.
• Gas filling, Dead batteries and Battery jump start.

2. The reasons Why You Should Choose Our 24 Hour Towing Service:

When you look for the best 24 hour towing company, there are certain features that you should look for.

Here is our guide to find the best towing service in your area.
• It must be the best in your area. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations and check online too.
• It must be available all the time. Vehicle problems can happen at any time.
• It must be able to work under any weather conditions or any kind of circumstances.
• It should be at where you are as fast as you can.
• The agents of the company must be trusted, licensed, insured, experienced,and skillful.
• Fair Prices. Some companies hide their extra charges so you need to make sure that you will receive services for a certain price. If you suspected that the price is high, ask the owner of the 24 hour towing service to explain everything and file a complaint if you think they are stealing from you.

It is difficult to find a 24 towing service when you are in the middle of nowhere so you need to have the number of a reliable towing service in case something wrong happened. It is a very difficult situation to go through to get stuck because you have a flat tire so imagine if towing services don’t exist. We are the best in our area and you can try our services and make sure of that.

Horse Towing Company

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