Vehicle Transport Services and Insurance

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Statics say that less than 5% of the vehicle transport services have problems during shipping but actually 5% is not a small percentage. Accidents happen out of nowhere so your vehicle might be one of the damages vehicles too. Taking your precautions is the best solution. Arranging insurance for your transported vehicle is the best solution even if the dangers are not so big.
This guide will tell you nearly everything you need to know about vehicle transport services and insurance.

1. Vehicle Transport Services Shipping Insurance Requirements:

Understanding auto shipping insurance requirements is the first step to be able to arrange your insurance well. In order to run an authorized vehicle transport services, you need to have a liability insurance policy. Your auto transporter must have cargo insurance policy too. When your transporter has these two insurance policies, it means that your vehicle is covered against damages as these policies will cover any kind of damages. Pay the insurance deductible and make sure to read all the terms of the contract that you will sign. Companies differ in their terms and amount of coverage so you really need to inspect the transporter’s coverage.

The vehicle transport service agent has to show you the insurance certificate. You will find a number; call the insurance company and make sure that the transporter has a legal insurance.

2. Is The Minimum Coverage Enough?

First of all, you need to be comfortable with the amount of coverage and the policies that your transporter has. You need to make sure of the minimum coverage that the transporter has to make sure that if something happened to your vehicle, you will have enough money to compensate the damage or the whole value of your vehicle in case it is stolen, towed, or gets a flat tire. Ask the right questions like the type of damages that is covered, what parts of the vehicle are covered, the amount of the deductible, the limits of the coverage, and the possibility to buy an additional coverage or not.

Arrange everything between your auto insurance company and your transporter. It is better to notify your auto insurance company that you will have your vehicle transported.

3. What if you needed a claim?

When your vehicle arrives, inspect it well. This is your only chance to make sure that your vehicle is good and without any kind of damages. In most cases, you will not be present at delivery so you need to assign the mission of inspecting and assessing your vehicle to someone who is trusted.

If there is any kind of damages in your vehicle, make sure that your representative will have them pictured. Pictures are the best idea to document the damages. If your vehicle arrived at night, make sure to inspect it under strong and bright light or wait until the morning and inspect it; just don’t receive the vehicle before inspecting it well.
If there are any damages, contact both your vehicle insurance company and the transporter and resolve the problem. Of course you need to choose a reputable transport services from the beginning to make sure that they will solve any kind of problems.

How Our Towing Services Work

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Imagine having a broken vehicle in an isolated area with nobody to help you at the middle of the night; that is why towing services is important. Problems happen out of now here and things like a flat tire, broken engine or any other kind of problems actually happen without a notice.

That is why we offer our clients the best 24 hour towing services with the best prices.
Let’s find out how our business works to make sure that we are the best.

1. What Services DoWe Offer?

Each towing service covers a certain area. But our business does not only offer towing, we also offer fair prices and experience.
Experience is important here because each situation is unique. We know the best roads, the best ways to get your vehicle work again, and the best things to provide you with like blankets for your kids or things like that.

Our 24 hour towing service offers its clients the following list of services.
• Emergency towing, Flatbed towing and Motorcycle towing
• Tow by dolly
• Light, medium or heavy duty towing.
• Local and long distance towing.
• Flat tire change.
• Car lockout solutions.
• Gas filling, Dead batteries and Battery jump start.

2. The reasons Why You Should Choose Our 24 Hour Towing Service:

When you look for the best 24 hour towing company, there are certain features that you should look for.

Here is our guide to find the best towing service in your area.
• It must be the best in your area. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations and check online too.
• It must be available all the time. Vehicle problems can happen at any time.
• It must be able to work under any weather conditions or any kind of circumstances.
• It should be at where you are as fast as you can.
• The agents of the company must be trusted, licensed, insured, experienced,and skillful.
• Fair Prices. Some companies hide their extra charges so you need to make sure that you will receive services for a certain price. If you suspected that the price is high, ask the owner of the 24 hour towing service to explain everything and file a complaint if you think they are stealing from you.

It is difficult to find a 24 towing service when you are in the middle of nowhere so you need to have the number of a reliable towing service in case something wrong happened. It is a very difficult situation to go through to get stuck because you have a flat tire so imagine if towing services don’t exist. We are the best in our area and you can try our services and make sure of that.